Word of Peace

In the wake of all the violence in the world, a new urgency has surfaced for peace. From my view, World Peace cannot be achieved unless each one of us achieves peace within themselves or inner peace.

There are many methods to reach inner peace but most have failed. I think it is time to ask for help.

Let us ask the One who created us for help to find peace within ourselves. Here is a prayer that I wish everyone would recite every night before they go to bed. May be we can achieve World Peace:

" O my Creator,
I seek refuge in You from all evils in the world known to us and unknown to us

O my Creator,
I consult You as You are All-Knowing and I appeal to You to give me power as You are Omnipotent. I ask You for Your great favor, for You have power and I do not, and You know all of the hidden matters.

O my Creator,
I ask You to give me peace and guide me to the absolute truth that You know is the true path that will guide us all to Your Bounty. I ask You to show me and make clear to me the false ways and keep me away from them and keep them away from me.

O my Creator,
You are the Conductor of hearts, direct our hearts to Your obedience.

O my Creator,
Bestow upon us the best of this world and the best of the next world, and save us from Your Wrath.

O my Creator,
I beseech You for guidance, virtuousness, chastity and un-attachment with the world.

O my Creator,
I beg You for all the good things that the most righteous sought from You and seek Your protection from all evils from which the most righteous sought Your protection. You are the Helper who is asked for help and it is for You to accomplish our prayers. There is no strength nor power except with You"

Please take the few moments every night to invest in peace.

Who is our Creator?!
For more information or questions, please e-mail: peacemaker@wordofpeace.com